Serve with us

We are currently looking for Volunteer Leaders to Join Ignite Servant Ministries.

We are rapidly growing and serving the Kingdom of God and need more Servant Leaders to Lead the Ministries that God has called us to lead.


 We are looking for Leaders in the Following areas: Please Click each Link for further information and an application.

  1. Street Missions
  2. Hospital Missions
  3. Family Ministry
  4. Bible Outreach
  5. Adoption/Foster Missions
  6. Multi Media outreach
  7. Social Media Outreach
  8. Prayer Warriors
  9. Prayer Partners


Requirements can Vary slightly between each leadership role but all must meet at minimum the following requirements:

  1. Full faith and Belief in Jesus Christ as Lord, and Savior
  2. Must have a heart for serving others
  3. Ability and Desire to lead
  4. Other requirements as needed.