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      Finding a Church to attend on a regular basis is one of the most important steps in your faith.  A church family can provide guidance, reassurance, and a sense of belonging. One of the hardest steps to take is to find a church that fits for you. We recommend Bible believing Christian Church’s that teach the whole gospel. There are numerous church’s out there so where do you want to go?

      There are different types of Church including traditional and contemporary most often distinguished by their worship styles. A traditional church offers worship from hymnal but can migrate to contemporary worship songs as well. A contemporary church often uses live bands during the worship service and their music tends to lean more towards modern Christian music.

      You also have the options of Large to Mega Churches or small Churches. Depending on your initial comfort level of attending  a church, this can cause some stress, but most all Churches work to alleviate the stress for first time attenders. When I was new to the faith I chose to attend a large church. I found it easier to be just a face in the crowd at first. But as God called, I began to serve in the Church in areas where volunteers are often needed. Regardless of the size of the Church you attend Volunteers are almost always needed. I found that as I served even in the large church I was attending the church began to feel smaller and more personable. You got to know people and those people became friends.

      Smaller Churches often find you quicker than large Churches. They tend to notice first timers shortly after they walk in the door and will come to greet you. Small Churches are often close knit and loving people yet there are still plenty of opportunities to serve when you are ready. Service is an important part of the Church. Whether it be in the nursery, Children’s church or as a greeter almost all churches are looking for a person willing to serve.

      Then there is the difference between the denominations. There are any number of Denominational Churches to find what fits best to your beliefs we are including the We believe statements from some of the Major Denominations in the United States. The we Believe section for each denomination is usually decided in large meeting and should outline their beliefs and back them up with biblical reference However there are churches that operate independently of Denominations and they are considered Non-Denominational or independent Christian Churches. Not all of which we will be able to cover on this website however if you attend one and would like it posted here please send us a message and we would be happy to add it to our website. Click on the photo above to be directed to Churches in the area